Behavioral Neuroscience
Dr. Cliff H. Summers
Churchill-Haines 168F
USD Department of Biology Behavioral Neuroscience
BIOL 432/732
Spring 2013
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reference text: Principles of Neural Science
by Kandel, Schwartz and Jessel
Acronyms and Abbreviations and Figures
L E E C H   S E N S I T I Z A T I O N
Jan 11, 14 Leech Shortening Reflex Leech examples
Jan 16, 18 Sensory Afferentinput for Shortening Leech Circuitry
Jan 18, 23, 25 Glutamate Glu figures
Jan 25 Serotonin = 5-HT 5-HT figures
Jan 28, 30 S & R Sensitization Leech Circuitry
Feb 1, 4 Sensitization and Learning Leech Circuitry
Feb 6, 8 Efferent Motor paths to Shortening Leech Circuitry
Feb 8 Acetylcholine ACh ACh figs
Feb 8, 11 Neuromuscular Function Leech Circuitry
Feb 11, 13 INTEGRATION: Sensitized Shortening Leech Circuitry

F E A R  C O N D I T I O N I N G
Feb 15, 20 Fear and Fear Behaviors examples
Feb 22, 25 Afferent Pathways (CS) for Fear Association Learning circuitry
Feb 27, Mar 11 Amygdala Amygdalar circuitry
Mar 11, 13, 15 Fear Conditioning circuitry
Mar 15, 18 BDNF Amygdalar circuitry
Mar 18 Afferent Shock (US) Pathway afferent shock circuitry
Mar 20 Substance P SP figs
Mar 22 Efferent Output circuitry
Acetylcholine (ACh) ACh figs
Mar 25 Neuromuscular Production of Fear Potentiated Startle circuitry
Mar 27 Integrated Behavior: Fear Conditioned Startle Fear circuitry

Mar 22, 24 BEHAVIOR examples
Mar 24, 26 Reflexes
Mar 26 Sensory Reception - Tactile Receptors Sensory Receptors
Mar 26, 29 VIP VIP figs
Substance P SP figs
Mar 29 Spinal Synapses spinal cord
Mar 29, 31 Ascending Fibers to Reticulospinal and Vestibulospinal Synapses circuit diagrams
Apr 7 Estrogens E2 figs
Serotonin (5-HT) 5-HT figs
Apr 9 GnRH GnRH figs
Apr 9, 12, 14 Hypothalamic Gating
Apr 16 Motor Cascade along Efferent Circuitry circuit diagrams
Acetylcholine (ACh) ACh figs
Apr 16 Neuromuscular function
Apr 16, 19 INTEGRATION circuit diagrams

Lectures from Other semester's Behavioral Neuroscience Lectures ß
Simple Behavioral Circuitry
C R A Y F I S H   E S C A P E
Apr 11, 13 Crayfish Ecology and Behavior Crayfish examples
Jan 20, 22 Sensory Afferentinput for Shortening Crayfish Circuitry
Jan 25 Glutamate Glu figures
Jan 27 Serotonin = 5-HT 5-HT figures
Jan 29, Feb 1 S & R Sensitization Crayfish Circuitry
Feb 1, 3 Sensitization and Learning Crayfish Circuitry
Feb 3, 5 Efferent Motor paths to Shortening Crayfish Circuitry
Feb 5, 8 Acetylcholine ACh ACh figs
Feb 8, 10 Neuromuscular Function Crayfish Circuitry
Feb 10, 12 INTEGRATION: Sensitized Shortening Crayfish Circuitry

T A I L / G I L L / S I P H O N   R E F L E X E S   I N   T H E   S E A   H A R E,   Aplysia
Jan 14, 19 Defensive Behaviors in Aplysia Species / Behavior Figures
Jan 19, 21 Sensory Stimulation of Siphon Withdrawal circuit diagrams
Jan 21, 24 Glutamate (Glu): Excitatory Transmission Glutamate Figures
Jan 24, 26 Motor output driving Siphon Withdrawal circuit diagrams
Acetylcholine (ACh) ACh Figures
Jan 26, 28 Gating circuit diagrams
Jan 28, 31 Serotonin (5-HT): Neuromodulation 5-HT Figures
Jan 31, Feb 2, 4, 7, 9 Classical Conditioning and Long-Term Memory circuit diagrams

E S C A P E   B E H A V I O R  in   F I S H
Apr 19, 21 C-Start Reflexes in Fish examples
Apr 21, 23 Afferent-Sensory Input circuitry
Glutamate: Excitatory Transmission
Apr 26 Dopamine DA figures
Apr 26, 28 Mauthner Cell circuitry
Apr 28, 30 Mauthner - Efferent Output circuitry
Acetylcholine (ACh)
Apr 30 Neuromuscular Function
Apr 30 Integration of Circuitry and Behavior circuitry

Moderately Complex Behavioral Circuitry
Feb 11 Eye Blink Behavior in Chrysemys Turtles and Ecology
Feb 11, 14 Afferent Path in Turtles circuitry
Glutamate (Glu): Excitatory Transmission Glutamate Figures
Feb 14, 16 Turtle Eyeblink Efferent Motor Output Eyblink circuitry
Feb 16, 23 Acetylcholine (ACh) ACh Figures
Feb 23-25 Neuromuscular Function
Feb 25, 28 Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) BDNF Figures
Mar 2, 4 In vitro Classical Conditioning of Eyeblink Reflex in Turtles In vitro circuit diagrams

J A M M I N G    A V O I D A N C E     R E S P O N S E
March 2 Electric fish and the JAR examples
March 4, 6, 16 Afferent Path for Electroreception circuits
March 16, 18 Control of Electric Organ Discharge Frequency circuits
March 18, 20, 23 Efferent output to produce Electric Organ Discharge circuits
March 23, 25, 27 Jamming Avoidance Response Jamming

Complex Behavioral Circuitry
B I O L O G I C A L   R H Y T H M S
Mar 14, 28, 30 Behavior of Rhythmicity Figures of Rhymiticity
Apr 1, 4 Sensory input for Rhythmicity Eyes
Glutamate Glutamate Figures
Apr 6, 8 Afferent Path & SCN SCN figures
Apr 8, 11 Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP) VIP Figures
Ch 11
Apr 13 Vasopressin (AVP) AVP figs
Apr 13 g-aminobutryic Acid = GABA GABA figs
Serotonin (5-HT) 5-HT Figures
Apr 13, 15, 18, 20 C I R C A D I A N  R H Y T H M S Molecular mechanisms
Apr 27, 29 Efferent paths from the SCN


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