Behavioral Neuroscience, pictures of Pond Turtles
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Behavioral Neuroscience
Turtle Eyeblink Behavior
Sensory Stimulation of Eyeblink
Eyeblink Motor Output
Neuromuscular Function
In vitro Conditioning
text:Kandel pages 1243 & 849
Turtles and Ecology
Eyeblink Circuitry
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Chrysemys Species:
1) C. picta
Painted TurtleChrysemys picta

2) C. scripta
Chrisemys scripta = Red-eared Pond Slider

Chrysemys habitat:
1) C. picta basking on log in pond
C picta on log in pond

2) C. scripta on a lake shore
Red-eared sliders on a lake shore

Nest building:
1) C. picta digging
C picta digging a nest

Chrysemys are evolutionarily old
1) Chrysemys fossils from miocene Nebraska > 5 million years old
Chrysemys fossils in Nebraska