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My research interests are broadly based in the areas of ecological physiology,  the evolution of physiological adaptation in animals (particularly vertebrates), and ornithology.

Within these broad areas, my specific research foci include patterns and mechanisms of seasonal phenotypic flexibility and adaptation to cold in birds, freezing tolerance and overwintering strategies in amphibians, and woodland and wetland habitat use by migrating and breeding birds in the Northern Prairie region. Research in my laboratory is integrative in nature, and includes  ecological (field-oriented), organismal, organ/tissue, biochemical and molecular approaches to gaining answers to questions within these research foci.

David L. Swanson, Professor

Ph.D. (Zoology) Oregon State University, 1990
B.S. (Biology) George Fox University, 1983



Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Current Graduate Students

Reza Goljani Amirkhiz

Stephanie Nefas

Chelsi Marolf

Room: 168E, 180A
Phone: (605) 677-6175
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