Current Graduate Students

Andrew Zajac, M.S. student. Impacts of herbicides on the endangered Hine's Emerald dragonfly and its habitat. Graduating May 2013.

Drew Davis, Ph.D. student. Impacts of tile drain systems to natural wetland ecosystems.

Previous Graduate Students

Kirsten Wert, M.S. 2012. An examination of the effects of anthropogenic habitat modification and contaminants on Missouri River Valley Fauna.

Jennifer Brown, M.S. 2011. Examining the prevalence and impact of the chytrid fungus in South Dakota.

Undergraduate Research

I have mentored several undergraduates during my career at USD and have had great success. This past summer I worked with Travis Snyders who recieved a U. Discover Summer Scholarship. I typically maintain several undergraduate driven projects, many which are perfect for honors students thesis. I frequently have funding to support students during the summer and always welcome volunteers that are looking for research experience.

Please contact me if you are interested in working in my laboratory.

Current Students:

Erica Geerdes, Katie Ferguson, Molly Fox, and Liz Berg

Previous projects done in my lab:

Travis Snyders: Stress Response of Leopard Frog tadpoles (Lithobates pipiens) to both Anthropogenic and Natural Factors. May 2012

Tyler Miiller: Impact of am emerging contaminant triclosan on the emerging amphibian pathogen, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis. May 2011

Alicia Schieffer: Comparison of quantitative PCR techniques to detect chytridiomycosis. May 2011

Kevin Haiar: Examination of chloride toxicity on the endangered Hine's Emerald Dragonfly, Somatochlora hineana. May 2010