General Biology

General Biology |Herpetology |Disease Ecology | Ecotoxicology

I teach General Biology I (BIOL 151) every Fall semester.

The class meeting times are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday either from 10-11am or 11am-12pm in Churchill Haines 118.

Please make sure you are registered for a laboratory section, as this is part of your overall course grade.

The textbook we will be using is Biological Science by Freeman, 5th edition.

You will be charged a course fee that will provide access to an online site: We will be using this site extensively throughout the semester. You have access to the textbook via this site both through a computer or through a tablet (via the ePearson app). You can choose to buy or rent a physical textbook if you like, but do not order one with MasteringBiology included (or you will be paying twice for the same access).

There are several textbook options:

1) Purchase a physical textbook without Mastering Biology access (this allows you to hold onto the book indefinately).

I recommend the link to the right for to ensure you get the correct version of the book at the cheapest price.

Or, this can be purchased at the campus bookstore for ~$200.

2) Forgo the physical textbook and use the ebook on a iPad or tablet (limited access though for 18 months).

3) Get a used book (might be hard to find since it is a new edition).

4) Rent the textbook (limited access for the time rented).