Endocrinology, lecture on Hormones from the Brain
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text:Vertebrate Endocrinology4th Edition - David O. Norris:
Read pages 3-12 for this lecture
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XXXI. Neuropeptides 		

		1. Many peptide hormones are also secreted within the brain
		   to modulate neural actions

		2. Classes of neuropeptides:

			a. opiates: Met-enkephalon, Leu-enkephalon, b-endorphin, dynorphin

			b. gut-brain: SP, VIP, CCK, NT, NPY, galanin, insulin, glucagon,
			      GRP/bombesin, gastrin, secretin, motilin

			c. hypothalamic: CRH, GHRH, GnRH, TRH, somatostatin

				i. neurohypophysial: AVP, Oxy

			d. pituitary: ACTH, GH, LH, a-MSH, PrL, TSH

			e. other: Ang2, ANP, CGRP, bradykinin

		3. Functional roles (examples):

			a. opiates: analgesic, anxiolytic, sedative

			b. gut-brain:  CCK is anxiogenic
						 SP ® pain transmission

			c. hypothalamic:
			       CRF ® coordinates neural control of stress responses
			      TRH ® stimulant (antagonizes sedative drugs  arousal and locomotion )

				i. neurohypophysial: AVP  learning, memory and aggression

					(1) OT  sexual receptivity and behavior
					    + parental behavior

			d. pituitary: ACTH ® anxiogenic, depression

XXX. Comparative Endocrinology - Evolution of Endocrine Function