Behavioral Neuroscience, lecture on Honey Bee Proboscis Extension Reflex- Sensory Input
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Behavioral Neuroscience
Honey Bee Ecology and Behavior
Honey Bee Neuroanatomy
Fundamentals of Neurocircuitry
Sensory Afferent input for Proboscis Extension
Apis mellifera Gating Proboscis Extension
Learning to Drink
Conditioned Proboscis Extenstion
Motor Neuron output for Proboscis Extension
Acetylcholine ACh
Octopamine OA
Integration: Honey Bee Conditioned Drinking
Honey Bee figures
Honey Bee Conditioned Drinking Neurocircuitry
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Honey Bee Conditioned Drinking
V. Honey Bee Proboscis Extension Reflex- Sensory Input   
	A. The Bee Brain by Regions
    Bee brain 
    Bee Brain  
    Bee Brain
    Bee Brain
    Bee brain pathways
	B. Sensory Systems
    bee antennaeAntenna with placode pores
    Antenna with Placode pores
    sensilla placodeAntenna sensilla
    Sensilla Placode Anatomy
    Note position of the neuronal soma
	C. Antenna Lobes
Antenna Lobe Glomeruli Glomeruli of the Antenna Lobes
AL heat map
D. Antenna Olfactory Receptor Neuron (ORN) to Antenna Lobe (AL) connections ORN to AL E. AL to Lateral Horn (LH) and Mushroom Body (MB) pathways 1. lateral-APT pathway = lAPT, lALT, lACT 2. medial-APT pathway = mAPT, mALT, mACT SEG to AL 3. Both lAPT and mAPT pathways Odorant activation of AL via antennaInputs and Outputs AL AL to LH F. Proboscis to VUMmx1 connections G. Subesophageal Ganglion (SEG) to AL connections H. SEG VUMmx1 bilateral connections to AL, LH, MB KC VUMmx1 bilateral connections I. AL to Lateral Horn (LH) J. More SEG K. Bee Brain Visual System Bee brain visual input