Advanced Seminars in Neuroendocrinology - Hippocampus

Advanced Seminars in Neuroendocrinology

Spring 2000

Date Speaker Title of the 1o Journal Paper Authors year, journal volume and pages
January 13 = thursday Jeff Johnson
Neuroscience Journal Club
Regulation of back-propagating action potentials in hippocampal neurons Johnston D
DA Hoffman
CM Colbert
JC Magee
1999, C Opin Neurobiol 9: 288-292
January 21 Wayne Korzan Neurotrophins and hippocampal synaptic transmission and plasticity Lu, B, A Chow 1999, J Neurosci Res 58: 76-87
January 28 Brian Christie Genetic enhancement of learning and memory in mice


Young receptors make smart mice
Tang Y-P
E Shimizu
GR Dube
C Rampon
GA Kerchner
M Zhou, G Liu
JZ Tsien
Bliss TVP
1999, Nature 401: 63-69
February 4 Hong Nguyen Modulation of learning and anxiety by corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) and stress: Differential roles of CRF receptors 1 and 2 Radulovic J
A Rühmann
T Liepold
J Spiess
1999, J Neurosci 19: 5016-5025
February 11 Mark Lounsbery Corticotropin-releasing factor produces a protein synthesis-dependent long-lasting potentiation in dentate gyrus neurons Wang HL
LY Tsai
2000, J Neurophysiol 83: 343-349
February 18 Phil Johnson BDNF promotes the regenerative sprouting, but not survival, of injured serotonergic axons in the adult rat brain Mamounas LA
CA Altar
ME Blue
DR Kaplan
L Tessarollo
WE Lyons
2000, J Neurosci 20: 771-782
February 25 Dan Dennison
, : -
March 3 Aaron Prestbo Intracerbroventricular infusion of CRF increases extracellular concentrations of norepinephrine in the hippocampus and cortex as determined by in vivo voltammetry Zhang JJ
AH Swiergiel
VS Palamarchouk
AJ Dunn
1998, Brain Res Bull 47: 277-284
March 10 Spring Break ` ~ ^ ,
March 17 Ludy Barnes Preexposure to drug administration context blocks the development of tolerance to sedative effects of diazepam Marin
1999, Pharmacol Biochem Behav 64: 473-477
March 24 Jennifer Fillaus Neonatal stress alters LTP in freely moving male and female adult rats Kehoe, P
JD Bronzino
1999, Hippocampus 9: 651-658
March 31 Mike Brandt Heterogenous properties of dentate granule neurons in the adult rat Wang, S, BS Scott
JM Wojtowicz
2000, J Neurobiol 42: 248-257
April 6 = thursday Brian Christie
Neuroscience Journal Club
Synapse specificity of long-term potentiation breaks down at short distances Engert F
T Bonhoeffer
1997, Nature 388: 279-284
erratum 698
April 7 Jesse Kampshoff Discrete local application of corticotropin-releasing factor increases locus coeruleus discharge and extracellular norepinephrine in rat hippocampus Page ME
ED Abercrombie
1999, Synapse 33: 304-313
April 16 Cliff Biphasic modulation of hippocampal plasticity by behavioral stress and basolateral amygdala stimulation in the rat Akirav, I
G Richter-Levin
1999, J Neurosci 19: 10530-10535
April 21 Good Friday - _ ' .
April 28 Wayne Korzan ,
, : -
Tangi Summers Top 5 lists Brian, Jennifer, Tim, Tangi, Phil, Wayne, Aaron, Hong, Jesse, Ken 2000, Tangi Summers Press Spring
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